I’ve decided that to keep blog productivity up (is that a real thing? HA!), that I’m going to create an outline of posting; a schedule of things to write about. This seems like a good idea so that my brain keeps doing creative things, and I have a great place to log my thoughts about things I see, trends I do and don’t like, etc.

So, as proposed:

Monday = Me: what I’ve done over the weekend in the realm of creativity/design/products/art/what-have-you

Tuesday = discussion concerning community design & construction (“social design”); since I’m taking a building construction class

Wednesday = interior design/house arranging/DIY related to mi casa

Thursday = mood boards & ‘feeling’ explorations related to design (i.e. this shape makes me feel joy) (this is to help me understand the connection between form and feeling more thoroughly)

Friday = Fun day! A round up of some cool, new products floating out on the internetz ((because that’s what people do when they’re done with class – right?!)


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