Friday Fun Day!

I have to admit that I don’t have a clue how well this ‘schedule’ idea will go, but I do know that I need to do a better job of organizing categories and tags and what not. You get back what you put into things, right? Anyway, this is my first time of doing a ‘Friday Fun Day’ and I’m pretty excited after just a few moments of trawling the beloved internetz.

However, let me first preface that since this is my blog, I’m probably going to post both designs and objects that I LOVE and those that I do not love to better – but in a way that only helps me understand my aesthetic better. I don’t think that bashing people’s ideas is fun; I think most designers get enough of that with presentation critique!

So, let’s begin! FRIDAY FUN DAY!

I am in love with these pieces by Canadian woodworking-master Christian Woo called ‘Covert’. I am partial to them because of the mix of gorgeous pure, organic wood and bright colors. All of the pieces are made of sustainably harvested hardwoods and hand rubbed oil finishes (hooray recycling without looking recycled).
You can see more of Christian’s work here.

Now, if you really want to talk about fun – what about a (teetering on tasteless) roadkill rug? The Roadkill Carpet by Dutch design studio OOOMS has recently been released for sale, and it’s causing a lot of love/hate. The abstract splotch in the corner is a “a repulsive image of a car-flattened, bloody fox” and according to their website blurb, it’s meant to evoke that fascination and curiosity of “ew, I don’t want to see that!” while looking.

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