Interior Designer? I wish!

To be honest, I haven’t been doing anything design related for portfolio or otherwise (I did doodle a penguin/puffin-type bird out of geometric shapes in my notebook yesterday during class, but that hardly counts). I realized that during my one week off between classes that I was spending all of my time on the computer with the Adobe Creative suite open, instead of “enjoying free time”. Part of my problem, I’m starting to think, is that I love design so much that it’s hard for me to define when I’m trying to make something ‘for work’ instead of ‘for fun’. Doesn’t really matter all too much since I’ve been relatively busy with classes instead – ‘ordinary’ classes, which is a little surreal sometimes. Out of the four classes I’m taking – two are easy and two are hard. Two I just show up for and sit there, and two require daily homework/practice/review/etc.

It is insane to think that we are done with one week of school, so that there are only 10 left. Oh my!

Back to designer-y things: I feel almost obsessed at times to come up with ‘the perfect’ things – the perfect grouping of colors, the perfect grouping of graphic elements (stripes, antlers, etc.), the PERFECT symbol to ‘represent me’. It’s been so stressed to be cohesive across all elements and to ‘brand oneself’ that I always feel like I am striving for the perfect visual representation of myself. But what if someone hates green? And stripes? AND antlers? Ah. Design life is so hard! I go back and forth between trying to find neutral things that everyone could potentially like and also ‘things that express myself well’. It is difficult to try and be cutesy and professional and edgy and all-around appealing. Plus I could never be ‘traditional’! Pfft! (sligh sarcasm there, y’all)

Finally, getting to the subject matter of the title of this post – I have been tirelessly trying to decorate/clean/organize the house! I feel so sad that it’s still in the crazy state that it is. The real reason for my frustration is the large amount of items from Ikea that are all approximately the same height, color, and fake birch veneer – making everything sort of bland. I wish that I had more carefully selected ‘exotic’ or ‘eclectic’ pieces. And I am trying to decorate without having to buy anything – at all (although I really do need curtains in some places).
I just don’t have any money in my monthly budget (to pay for haircuts or guinea pig food) to try to buy extra things for the house. I also can’t/don’t want to work right now when I really need to/want to spend all my time focusing on school.

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