Back to School

Started back to another semester of classes at Tech today! Woo! 14 hours over the summer is going to be an interesting experience to say the least. I have to get used to the schedule and stuff, but I don’t really have any time since we’re already getting into everything – especially lab on Wednesday already!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ve said it like 304 times already but – I want to use my free time this summer to continue design work and possibly *gasp* have fun via painting and photography or whatever. I just struggle with inspiration – the start to a project. The initial spark, the problem to solve. I’ll spend hours thinking of things I could be doing instead of having something to do. So, before I lose my motivation, I’m going to try and play around with ink, paint, and other art materials and work on the Converse stuff a little bit…

Sorry this was quick and disjointed, I’m just afraid to lose momentum!


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