Portfolio Shmortfolio

Making a portfolio is one of the biggest challenges that I have, plus it is one of the most important things for a designer – i.e. the only way to get a job. I’ve been trying to ‘enjoy’ this week of by working on designy stuff on my computer, but so far, I am mainly stressed out a lot. A lot.

I still want to create and print a book instead of a traditional binder + plastic sleeves portfolio on a website like blurb or something, because I like the idea of that so much more. After writing up a quick list of projects I would want to include, I am surprised and almost shocked to know that a majority of the things that I’d like to include are mainly graphic, interface, website-ish design! It’s making me re-evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and what I’d like to further improve on. On a side note, I feel like a majority of the projects we’re assigned at school are ‘traditional industrial design’ and serve as very important and good exercises, but not great projects…like cups, plates, and saucers. Oh well!

After some extra thought, I realize that I’d like to compile a book of work for this ‘chapter’ in my life – a wonderful, hardcover coffee-table book of everything I’ve done so far just for myself to have because wouldn’t that be lovely?

Ah, well, I am tired and need to go get my hair cut soon – so that’s all of my jumbled thinking for now.


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