Hey! May!

This month I’ll be working on finishing two projects – VIM bikebag website and all the things that go with that, and re-doing the Converse promotional products and posters. I’ve been working on both of these projects lately – and especially this past week – for my independent study (did a lot, but still have a lot to do for my own standards, ya know how it is). So cool! I guess for now I’m going to try splitting my month in two, and focus on one project at a time. This shall be my trial run to see if splitting each month into two two-week sessions is better than sharing projects the whole month! I’m excited to finish up the ‘website’ I started for the VIM brand since I still have the DIY bag section to finish out -> this is all finishing/re-working/whatever the ‘Give Me 3’ bag that I worked on with Chris and Allison for the final project of fall semester of junior year. I’ll try to share tidbits of the project as I go along!

brand website for imaginary company of bike-bags = VIM

One thought on “Hey! May!

  1. […] I’ve already designed (like Serenity Stones) – finish ‘branding’ things -> ViM and Converse – guinea pig environment – circular bench for the sunroom (inspiration board […]

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