Another Season

I’m finished with another semester of school, with a week of free time before I return to summer school. Although this sounds horrible, I am actually insanely excited. I’m (sort of) on the homestretch to graduation (soonish)! I just looked up the commencement schedule for December and I’ll be graduating around December 18th which is close to my birthday – a lovely present to have while I’m still 21 and still during the school year of 2010 (so it SEEMS like I’m still a 2010 graduate)!
Now that I won’t be having a scheduled studio class, I have time to work on projects to prepare for graduation and a job search.

Right now, as I sit on the couch in the comfort of my home, I feel thrilled and excited and optimistic about my future – even though I have absolutely no idea what might be happening. When I say “I have absolutely no idea what might be happening” I mean that I don’t know where I will get a job at yet, or where I will move to, or any of those details. But I am quite excited about the idea of all of the options and freedom and all of those things that will open up in a few short months (some days short of eight, I counted).

I’m also pleasantly surprised with all the things that I’ve accomplished withs studio so far. You see, I won’t be taking anymore studio classes at Tech because I’ve completed the eight required studio classes (and doubt they’d let me sit in on any others) – but looking back, I can tell that I have learned a lot and improved. I think that as a designer, you’re taught to be really critical, and to always assume that whatever you do could be much better. It’s hard for me to feel really good about the things that I’ve done (made, designed, created, crafted, what-have-you) because of two reasons – 1. if you fall too much in love with the idea that you have, you can’t see that there’s more you need to do or think about or that ‘blah-blah-blah’ detail isn’t 100% right and 2. you have to be humble about your designs because they might not appeal to everyone and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so I believe that you need to be ready for people to be …not to pleased with your shtuff.

Anyhoo, I’m just feeling pretty good because I’ve managed to make a really long list of all the projects from every year and another list of things I want to work on – so I’ll be doing two projects every month for 7ish months, then re-assemble my portfolio for the end of December and then get a job! Woop!

Excited to get going on things again, and keep a record of everything. I found that theses blogs are incredibly helpful. David’s idea so long ago was really wonderful, and I’m glad to keep up with it. It’s nice to go back through old blog posts and remember what I was thinking in the middle of projects – especially when I need to re-work something or have forgotten what it was that I meant to do with some specific detail that doesn’t make sense now. I’ll also be updating my portfolio website over the summer, although I’ll have to think more carefully about what it is that I want to put on the internet in case people think I’m amazing and steal everything…haha

That’s all for now! Just wanted to share my excitement and plans!


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