Progress & Parts

Here’s the list of parts I’m thinking this will need to function (with assistance from people much more computery than me):

  • Super AMOLED display with capacitive multitouch
  • LTE/WiMax data radio (I still don’t know what this is?)
  • a mobile processor of some kind (found a “Hummingbird” model)
  • storage ROM
  • batteries…?

All of these will be accounted for and then projected out for 5-1o years by multiplying their ability by 2x or 3x.

Samsung Super AMOLED video

‘Airnergy’ Wi-Fi charger explained

2 thoughts on “Progress & Parts

  1. Adam Graiser says:

    That sounds like an intense shopping list, and a hard core project!

  2. Emma says:

    Ah, indeed, but I didn’t build it – all a “future concept” for something that could be awesome in 5 years

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