Project II: Current Criteria

– the future will have internet everywhere, all the time so it will be less of a priority
– because everything and everyone will have internet access, we will turn our attention back towards physical objects and interactions
– this ‘picture device’ will serve as a digital artifact and a tool for personal, face-to-face communication
– it’s contents will be based upon your own unique, personality
– it’s display will be an honest representation of who you are: gathered from website input you have chosen (like how Google knows that I like designer reproduction furniture from and your own tendencies and ‘likes’ (often used words, phrases, color pallets, etc.)
– you ‘subscribe’ through the one-time purchase of your device
– it will be paid for by ads on the actual internet
– wirelessly charges through wi-fi
– a monthly, tailored print out ((on your wireless printing device)) would encourage and further the social interaction aspect
– comes on a necklace: removable to put wherever you like (pin it on clothes, wrap necklace around your wrist = bracelet)
– picture vs. video still to be determined…

– changes based on people around you, in proximity: when alone, just shows your most favorite things
(mine would be a cardigan or a giraffe…)

– form to be optimum for visual output: golden rectangle, minimal frame, focus on screen and image itself

I made another board; this one is more of a visual show of what I want this product to invoke about physical social networking.

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