On Thought Progression

I attended the Merit award presentations yesterday, where 10 hopeful senior students presented their work, design principles, and themselves as designers. It was inspiring to see how much some of us have grown, and also reminded me of important things to do in my own designs. For instance, using mood boards as an visual expression of thoughts, and making more specific criteria. I feel like it’s been too easy for me to sort of plod along lately, with the projects I’ve been given.

Anyway, I made a quick mood board of materials and forms and things like that for this project. I’ve noticed how much I’m drawn to the image and idea of smooth, round pebbles. Smooth, round, identifiable, but still unique and organic and varied.

I think that in the future, there will be internet everywhere and we will all be able to use it (either, it will be super cheap or it will just be provided by the government/city) ALSO it will be known more as ‘free data’ than internet (i.e. people will view it differently). Therefore, my project is more suitable to a larger crowd and would be much more plausible and awesome.

Recently, I’ve been looking at other digital object/human interaction projects by other people. Notably, Ted Ulrich’s “tangible email” project he did as a graduate student – looking at how an object can indicate the amount of emails in an inbox. Also, Carla Diana’s ‘Fragile‘ installation in France that allowed people to play with different eggs in a nest, each with their own RFID tag and a unique sound.

I need to squeeze a lot of thinking into a very small amount of time ASAP since we have an in-house review this Friday, and then our real review on the 19th!!!!

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