Designing for The Future, Cont.

I was really excited about this project when it was introduced because it gives us essentially free range over the future of products. In my mind, the future of products will be simpler and easier because technology will allow us to do things that we always wanted it to do…transition lenses that transition at a good time, thinner displays, etc. Touch screens! Thin flexible screens! Portability! Digital! Woo!

Except that…my cell phone won’t work today. It’s really only accessed by touch, and all of my touches are registering in the wrong spot so I can’t “accept” a phone call, I can’t confirm things, I can’t cancel out of certain things. i.e. it does not work

So how great and exciting is the future anyway? I feel like I’ve made design decisions that have forced me into a crappy corner – a digital picture locket! Okay. Well. That sounds like shit. Because now I don’t trust screens or touching to work and I’m angry because, how frustrating is it that you can’t use your cell phone? A basic, current product with seemingly “now” technology that’s failing.
Not in a very optimistic, future design mood.

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