Understandings (of Sorts)

Today I had a moment of spontaneous enlightenment about my design desires – I suppose that’s the best way to describe it. More complexly: “the sorts of things I enjoy creating, have noticed a trend in my designs, and would enjoy doing more of in the near-and-long-term-futures”

I’ve noticed that I enjoy designs that are well thought out, planned, and researched but still allow the customer to be involved in the true end result. Perhaps this is considered product interaction design? I don’t know; I plan on spending a little bit of time researching this in the near future. Most of the trends of “interaction design” that I’ve seen are heavily reliant on computer and electronic product interaction, and I’m specifically more interested in the ways that the consumer can personally change the design and sort of take part in creation. For instance, the silverware I re-did last semester – the reason that project gives me so much joy is that I have created something that 1. works 2. does something awesome 3. is simple and 4. is simply awesome for someone else to finish creating and use!

A more famous example of this concept that I love is the Droog Do-Hit ‘chair’. It’s an 80-something pound stainless steel box AND hammer that you buy and smash into submission/seating device at the same time. A good idea for someone that has a lot of anger and likes cold, metal chairs.

BRB, research about my own future to do! 🙂


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