The Future

Today I made some cute little paper models of the Olympic mascots; I found the pre-made patterns for them while browsing around the internet on the official Vancouver website. Pretty simple, fun, and quick to put together overall – plus, sizable with the use of AI and an 11×17 printer bed!

All of this just makes me realize how much the internet (+ technology in general) can, and does, influence our lives AND product design. We’re working on a second project in studio right now that allows us the creative imagination to ‘predict’ the future of product design – technologies that are cutting edge now and too expensive, but could be totally normal in 10 years. It’s sort of amazing that the Vancouver Olympics offer you FREE 3D versions of their mascots! FREE! And you simply print, cut, assemble! Plus they’re easy to manipulate yourself, and easy to make more ‘permanent’ – using higher quality paper and/or chipboard – that they could actually just be the souvenirs themselves! They aren’t – but they could be. Especially if we all had home-materializers.
And then I would stop drooling over buying the large plush version of all of the animals.

Here’s to the future!


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