So, the final direction for my silverware product is aimed at children and young adults that like cool stuff.

I.E. the silverware would stick closely to the original design of the first spoonfork, and then it would come flat-pack & die-cut for the consumer to punch out, soak in water, and then fold. It would also come with a small informational booklet & seeds to encourage people to grow their own herbs at home for their food. I would assume it would be sold at museum and educational stores (Fernbank, children’s museums, etc.), as well as novelty stores and funny places like Urban Outfitters. I would want it priced in a range that all ages of people would think it was cool and buy it.

My biggest issue right now is figuring out a name so I can go ahead with better packaging.


One thought on “Re-Re-Direction

  1. Awesome, very great matter. I will blog about it too!!

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