Concepts & Conceptualization

I was supposed to have five concepts for today and one final direction for Wednesday.
No matter, I can still have five sketched out for Wednesday and one already chosen before I get there.
Plus, I do already have five ideas!
1. aluminum (is the most easy and simple first choice because it inherently does everything I’m already thinking of)

  • it bends
  • it’s recyclable
  • it could be easily die-cut and flat packed
  • simple!!!!!

2. kerfed wood (a process of taking away material from one side of a piece of wood to allow for it to bend)

  • those lines I scored into the chip board prototype were my first attempt at kerfing without knowing it
  • can still use bamboo or birch or whatever pretty wood I want
  • this is like a literal translation of my first design if it works the right way
  • this would push it past something that looks (and probably feels) like a throw-away (like aluminum or thin plastic)
  • would hopefully be able to easily un-bend and be ‘flat-packed’ again for trips, picnics, etc.

3. DIY at home kits for bending wood

  • WHAT IF you made it like a craft project and you got to soak your utensil in wood overnight, and then in the morning you get to twist it and it’s really fun? That would be really fun.
  • could use steam or heat or both
  • cool
  • it wouldn’t really be able to un-twist that easily (would probably hurt the fibers in the wood, might snap trying to make it flat again) so it wouldn’t be very portable anymore – just sort of a cute “at home” utensil

4. plastic

  • unoriginal, but hey – if it works, it works
  • plastic can be colored and recycled and washed
  • there are improvements to plastic – some are biodegradable!
  • some interesting “plastic origami” projects already exist

5. something woven

  • this would be the most complicated idea
  • a really tightly woven fabric would be flexible and strong and interesting
  • …..I don’t know. It just seems like it would work somehow.

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