Simple Mechanisms Scurry!

After an unfortunate set-back last week (of absolutely no hope or motivation that kept me in bed + headaches), this week we have everything due for this project! Wednesday we have a formal-but-casual in-studio review at which we will get graded, then Friday we present the same project with revisions for professionals and possible adjustments to our grades.

Pro: This project will be done by the end of this week!
Con: I have to finish this project by the end of this week!

Since I have something important due in my other studio-like class, the AWPL CNC project, I think I’m going to try and get that out of the way ASAP so I can focus on my door for the rest of the week. I have a 1/4th scale model of whatever I plan on doing for the CNC project due tomorrow in class, and then nothing really ‘due’ in that class for the rest of the week.

I know at the end of this door project I’ll think “only if I had had more time!”, except that this project was exceptionally long – just boring and hard to care about pretty much the whole way through. I feel like my attitude on this project is defend-able. though, because it seems as if the professors mostly wanted us to ADD extra things and mechanisms to otherwise simple products, instead of just learning more about mechanisms in general.

Anyway, I’ve thought through the concepts of all of my design a lot over the weekend (I’m a big ‘thinking’ kind of person), and I know all I need to do is apply all the things I’ve thought of for so long to dimensions already established as ‘standards’ for bathrooms, and blend it all together well.

I regret not doing an actual hand-held product for this project, but I think that I can hopefully make something important out of the emotional connection and remember why I chose this project direction to begin with!

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