School vs. “Real Life”

Whenever people (annoying teachers) mention (lord over students) the fact that “in the real world, you wouldn’t have this much time to do this project” I often wish that they would clearly assess the situation and remember – this is no where near the “real world”.
“In the real world” we wouldn’t have any other classes to work on or study for, there would be NO ONE UNEDUCATED HOGGING UP THE LASER-CUTTER RIGHT NOW, the people around me would be better at their jobs, and I could focus focus focus on this one thing and just crank it out for like 8 hours a day, 5 (or 7) days a week.

So stop “telling” me about the “real world”, because this isn’t it and we alllllllll know it.

Because if I had 6 weeks straight of 8hrs, 5 days a week to dedicate to this project, I know it would be a lot better, too.

(Can’t wait for the real real world!)


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