Concepts vs. “Conceptualizing”

I spend way too much time “figuring things out” when I need to just CHOOOOOSEEEEEE something, and then work on that.
This has been a problem for me all of school.
It’s hard for me to correct it, even though I’ve identified it so many times!
It’s horribly frustrating.

I’m also bothered by what I feel is a miscommunication on drawing styles from my teacher – do I need to know how to draw “artsy”? I thought we were all about quick concept sketches, that are line drawings? I recognize we need to do more “rendered” and “finished” drawings, but I thought it was ALL about concepts?

Quicker, more solid decisions.
Get things done.
Be confident.
Have things researched.
Test it out.
Don’t cry, don’t panic.

On a very separate note, I’ve begun a true personal website AND I’m very excited about the direction I’ve coerced R2D2 to take for the year; a blend of the concept of Viva, but over dinner!

Glad this weekend is here so I can take the time to improve my life (practice drawing, do laundry, bake cakes, make dinner, etc.)

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