on ampersands.

An ampersand (&), also commonly called an ‘and sign’, is a logogram representing the conjunction “and”. The symbol is a ligature of the letters in et, Latin for “and”. [Wikipedia]

I like ampersands, and since it’s a symbol for E and T, maybe I can throw it into a logo for my name?! ETH. We’ll see. I still wish I had been more well taught in the area of logos, typography, and visual things.


2 thoughts on “on ampersands.

  1. mayo says:

    i share this love. not enough people write with ampersands. have you mocked anything up yet? it’s a sweet idea. it’s such a strong [and pleasing] visual.

  2. iamemmathea says:

    No, haven’t mocked anything up yet – but I’ve been finding lots of different ampersands around the city that look really cool [like the one in the logo for the new apartment tower by 12th and Peachtree st.]
    I have some laser-cutting experiments I need to get going on, too.

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