on the final countdown of the semester

Today is Monday and I do not have studio. Rather, I am IN studio scanning stuff for the final project review on Wednesday morning.
I cannot believe this means another year of college out of the way in only five more days!
Now that we’re done with our full-scale model build, we have to create a re-design SolidWorks white model and provide material details to show in our presentation.
It’s convenient that we’re doing digital presentations, because it saves us a lot of plotting time – and we can show a lot more process in a more organized way.

It is nice to have a ‘breather’ in the sense that I do not have to go build stuff and have the pressure of an unknown deadline, however, there is a lot of other things to make up and a lot of sitting in front of computers to do during the next week. Passive work is not really my favorite; I’d rather feel like I’m DOING something – and sending emails and fixing pixels isn’t that physical.

We’re having an Epic Event to show off our work Wednesday night, from 7pm – later. I’d really appreciate it if people stopped by – if even for only a moment or so – so I can show them what I work so hard on all the time, and why I don’t always have time to see them. Then, of course, Friday night is the IDSA End of the Year Show at the AWPL close to campus. So much celebrating; so much to celebrate!


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