on how we’ve made it over one threshold for this project…

We finished our full-scale model and cleaned up around it and left at about 9am today, Friday, after building since Monday.
I guess we were sort of on schedule – and only one actual “all-nighter”. Our bank teller area and the barista stand are done; the bar and barbers are still working furiously. Bryan, Laura and I will be coming right back here again tomorrow morning to work on the re-design – since the whole point of this exercise is to understand that our design was beautiful on paper, and at 10th scale, but everything changes once you can sit down in the space and literally feel that it does not work. I’m glad we’re at this point, though. Group projects are really tough with different priorities and schedules, but today the three of us were able to come back to our workspace after clearing our heads and just critically look at the whole thing and say “this hurts, this is too long, why is that so big over there?,” etc. Morale seems back up! Tomorrow should be fun because we’ve served ourselves a nice, delicious platter on which a brilliant concept sits and now we know exactly what we need to improve to push beyond a simple idea.
There are tons of pictures of our whole process on our tumblr – easy to scroll through and check out pretty quickly. Honestly, this was one hell of a week – but now that it’s over and we’ve gotten past this building hump, I’m excited and confident that we can create something way better than what we originally had drawn out. I love when the whole point of a pedagogical exercise is felt and understood by the students – that aha! moment when it clicks. I just hope all the other groups get the same satisfied feeling I have right now.

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