on being down & out + more

After standing around DVA’s shop from 8-6 yesterday, I seemed to be overtaken by a pretty monstrous fever that kept me down and out last night. However, I’m back in the game now!! Funny how you can feel so on top of the world the day after feeling so crappy, even when you still feel sick [I’m hoping you followed that!].
There is beyond too many things to do right now. But we’ll alternate between coffee and naps, and we’ll get this all done.
During the night, David apparently jumped the tumblr bandwagon [I’m already clearly a fan] – so we’ll have literally minute to minute updates on these projects.
I’m currently in 104, about to head back to The DVA Shop; also currently thinking we need to call it something WAY cooler – like “The Lair” or something.
I dropped off my own kitchen table and chairs at the place a little bit ago – should provide for some good 10 minute breaks and blogging. Ha.

I’m really stoked to start putting some things together. We’ve cut out some things already, and they’re ready for assembly. Eep!
Epic back story to this final project and what we’re doing on our class tumblr.
More to come on our group’s tumblr.


One thought on “on being down & out + more

  1. id3011b says:

    really great work on the tumblr broadcast! keep it up!

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