on IDSA Conference + spending Saturday nights in

I didn’t blog on Friday – not because I forgot, but because we didn’t officially have class and I didn’t really do anything that seemed noteworthy enough. But not to say that things aren’t going well; Laura‘s SolidWorks model is superb.
Friday night [uh duh, also known as LAST night] was the benefit party for Roji – the lighting senior studio from Georgia Tech that’s traveling to Italy to experience design at an international competition scale [as in, a CRAZY BIG CRAZY scale!]. It was fun and interesting, as per usual with studio people – plus a new designery friend drove in from South Carolina! The Roji kids are doing a really fantastic job of raising money, and I’m really proud of them and excited for them, too. They’re leaving this Monday afternoon for Milan. I’m not 100% I can do things without Sk around, but there’s no time like right now than to start practicing for next year when I’m not just pres elect, but the ACTUAL jefe of our school’s IDSA [such a vest-and-scarf combo to follow!].
Today I realized one of the biggest benefits that I personally got from going to IDSA conference this year = having a larger pool of people my age to talk about design-related things with.
Of course, I think that was my favorite part about meeting people there anyway [the lectures paled in comparison to ATLtoNYC, but we all knew that was going to happen] – but now I’m realizing how easy it is for our short-lived relationships from those few days to be continued through electronic/instant/mobile/visual communication. I’m mainly referring to a healthy combination of tumblr/twitter/facebook and sometimes flickr + texting. It’s lovely to have someone from Auburn text you to ask if you have any advice on how to work with Sculpy clay, or to discuss font typefaces.

I like sitting at home and looking up fonts when I am tired, and nonchalantly discussing theme layouts with dear friends. My internet password + couch are my favorite things to share these past few days [besides design insight, obviously].

Tomorrow means it’s back to the grind; I feel guilty for taking most of Friday and today “off” from doing school work, but sometimes you just need a moment to recollect yourself. David is presenting slides on ATLtoNYC at Pecha Kucha tomorrow, which should provide me with a nice two hour break in a long work day. I’m looking forward to coffee.


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