on Wednesday Work Day + Group Cohesion

I feel like things are finally settling into the right places within our group, but then again, how many times have I said that?!
Realistically, we’ve done a lot of good work as individuals, and we’re doing MUCH better at merging these different facets and directions of the overall concept as well as assigning more specific tasks for each person to complete. Right now Laura is working on the floor plan and the integration of the walls into the desks + making a dimensioned SolidWorks 3D model of the space, Bryan is working on dimensioning the desk + thought up a really interesting way to combine the glass top and straight side panels [and etc. – you’d really have to see it to understand it], and I’m working on the mechanisms and fine details of the small parts of the desk (modules, where does the phone go? how does the teller assist drop & lock?). I also make a pretty mean mood/visual board – in fact today, I made five different ones 🙂
This project is finally getting a little bit more exciting; or more, we all three finally seem more excited. Hooray! We’re on the same page in the same book!

Ps. Visual boards are really easy; I searched the words “serene white wood grain metal”, “shell” and “walnut”.
Plus I did a little online window-shopping at some of my favorite stores (West Elm & Design Public). Tumblr helps out a lot, too, – but only if you follow the right people.

Everything seems to be working out well with school right now; I’m done with Materials II and I’m passing, so I don’t have to re-take it! Karma seems to be on my side recently and I’m alriiiiiiight with that [i.e. things are balancing out after all my stuff got stolen = win].

One thought on “on Wednesday Work Day + Group Cohesion

  1. ohtruequotes: I hate convos like this: You: Hey Them: Hi You: Whats up? Them: Nm

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