on the malleability of design (and deadlines)

We’ve moved from an impractical concept for our bank tellers on Friday/Saturday to a more realistic one on Sunday.
One of the VERY most exciting parts of this project is that we’ve been highly encouraged, as well as very interested, in finding unique and fantastic [and expensive!] materials that our final design would utilize. Cue brilliant things like one-way glass, glass that turns opaque at the flip of a switch, see-through cement, etc!
Dimensions became driven by the golden ratio [found in nature like NAUTILUS shells, a ratio of 1:1.61803399] and the measurements in Henry Dreyfus’ ‘Measure of Man & Woman’ book to determine if our design is universal/wheelchair/differently-abled-accessible between Saturday morning’s session and Sunday night, but then they seemed too mathematical and planned, instead of “designed”.
Now we’re back to streamlining, looking at elegant, graceful, and embracing curves. I believe I’m going to go stroll about Atlanta [more like drive to and fro and look at things while stuck in my car*] to look at what’s around, and perhaps walk through some of the big downtown lobbies to see what they have going on.
I hope the weather holds; no one likes rain on a Monday, but I had a great weekend and I’m 95% sure that feeling is going to carry me through this week, at least, if not the end of this semester. I feel much calmer with a clean car and apartment, not to mention we’ve shifted the dates for this final project around because David will be out of town this weekend and the majority of us have a final tomorrow in Materials II and a final project due in Professional Practice (etc; etc; etc).
This week for studio is hashing out even MORE details for this design, instead of just building something this week that isn’t fully realized.
Next week we’re building full-scale sketch models and doing the elusive “skits” in the space, then final models and presentation during finals week.
**Fingers crossed we get this IDSA End of The Year Show figured out REAL fast-like**

*My INCREDIBLY clean car that looks brand new and lovely; thanks so much to my Daddy 🙂

Above: Orthos of the desk and floor plan of the new direction of the original ‘Shell’ concept that we completed for today.

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