on Saturday morning studio sessions

Team Bank Teller met today, on a Saturday, at 9am – talk about dedication to good design!
We’ve figured out an efficient and practical solution to having a centralized sort of passage-way for safety and security for the tellers to exit and enter – while maintaining different and interesting entrances into the “passages” by the bank customer. Now we can focus on nitty-gritty details of the desk and wall design. One of our small original concepts was a sort of “modular” [because modular always = universal and customizable] wall organization system – essentially cubes of the same size that can be rearranged to the teller’s personal taste, putting the things the need most closer to them, etc.
Currently we’re playing with the idea of planes creating more than just walls – what if they become more 3D and make the desk?
Floating/dropping/elevator cash drawers also sound fun.
There are, as always, many details to figure out before Monday morning and before we do our full scale model.
But so far, so good it seems.

I included a quick diagram of the floor plan from our original concept so you can understand where we started and where we’re headed, AND a pretty picture of a shell because that’s the visual inspiration starting point for this project from when we were brainstorming a week ago [or so].


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