on the building pressure at the end of a semester.

It’s not as if we haven’t all been through this whole “OMG EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING AT ONCE!” part of a semester before, it’s just that each time it comes around, I always feel unprepared!

I am excited about the prospect and potential of one of our five concepts that we presented in studio class today for our bank-teller-workspace-area-interaction-point, but there’s a lot of detail to work out [What if someone approaches with a gun? How tall should those walls be? Where should the screen go? How do they get in and out? Are colored lights enough? Are the proportions right? Etc.].
Monday we’re going to hopefully start building a full-scale study model, which will be awesome because we’ve never made a full scale model of furniture before – not even for the “seating device” project during sophomore year. Bryan and Laura and I are meeting tomorrow morning to work on things, so I’ll be sketching in my free time tonight after I finish a Materials II project.
IDSA might be going well? I’m not 100% sure how well it’s going right now. I like the officers as individuals, but I don’t feel like we’re bonding the way I wish we were as a “board” – but we’re doing our next meeting over dinner, and away from 104 so I’m really positive that that will help the mood. We have a lot of work to do to get the End of the Year Show going, but we’ll see…
Basically, if every person involved in every thing right now could just cooperate, every thing that hinges on that other person or thing falling into place can ALSO fall into place! If only it were that easy! Photoshoot on Wednesday should be fun though. I’m currently trying to track down different teachers and get content from them; really hard, because there’s been so many different projects over the year, but I also can’t do my job if there’s nothing to show 😦

On a side note: I’m really proud of our section for, despite some complaining, really pulling off some fantastic work in a short amount of time after all the traveling we’ve been doing. A lot of us are really sick and annoyed and stressed, but we’re all doing alright. Go team.

(can’t stop, won’t stop)

Ps. It’s Easter weekend and my parents are here! Happy Easter, peeps!


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