on (school) life after NOLA

I am very tired, and not for a lack of sleep or trying to be awake [I am already two medium coffees in, and it is only 12:30], but I am starting to get a little angry. A nap when I’ve only been awake for 5.5 hours? No. Impossible. It’s also a little unnerving that out of 11 students, two aren’t sick in our studio section right now. The constantly changing weather, yellow pollen caked on every outdoor surface, and the traveling has caught up to most of us!

But to be more on par with what I’m doing right now, I’ll impart my experiences from the past weekend and from today’s class. IDSA Southern District Conference in New Orleans is most aptly described by the simple word “interesting.” The SCOOPS meeting was really informative, and it made me feel both encouraged and re-invigorated. A lot of good things were brought as examples by other school’s IDSA officers, and I’m really excited to try utilizing their ideas with our IDSA next year. The End of the Year show is rapidly approaching [oh, you know, with finals and stuff, too – no big],being scheduled for May 1st [that’s a Friday; save the date and come on downnnnn to wherever it is we plan on having said event]. Being able to meet other students was pretty cool, and there was some talk of doing a GT-SCAD-Auburn type of IDSA mixer-event-thing. It’s difficult to have IDSA appeal to everyone, since the needs of a freshman and a senior student differ entirely, however the advisor that helped lead the conversation at my table brought up some good points and ideas. The weather was perfect, and I wish it had followed us back home! I’m also pretty inspired to crank out some business cards and graphixxxxx after conference, but that’s not really the most pressing of issues at the moment.

We’re behind on our project 3 due to ATL to NYC and the IDSA conference, but we seem to have a tight and manageable schedule to get us through the end of this semester. Today we “disable” a member of each group and had them attempt different activities; Bryan got a board duct-taped to his back and put in some ear buds and headphones to simulate having limited back mobility and low hearing. Using the vending machine, tying his shoes, and sitting down were pretty difficult. David took us to a semi-secret-and-often-unused room in the library to do some sketching, which was pretty helpful. An alarm went off every two minutes, so we had to get ideas down quick! Timing our sketches that way was a much better approach than the usual “come in 50 things in two days.” I think the key to finishing out this semester will be horribly tight time management; timing everything and keeping track of how long everything takes so that everything gets done AND I get to sleep a little.
Our Materials II class has it’s final test next Tuesday, so I won’t have to worry about that class to much beyond next week.

I’m patiently waiting for a new computer to arrive; the “estimated arrival” is tomorrow!

One thought on “on (school) life after NOLA

  1. Adam Graiser says:

    man, we are so busy!

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