on life after NYC, among other things

Getting back to “real life” and “reality” after being away so often this month is really hard – especially when I’ll be leaving again soon! The trip to NYC was a really good experience for all of us, I believe. David worked really hard to get this trip together for us in such a short amount of time AND he drove a bus for 15ish hours to NYC and then 13hoursand40somethingsminutes back. It’s really refreshing and encouraging to have a teacher so dedicated to our education [awww].

But to really put things into perspective: going to New York was a lot more eventful, helpful, and educational than I originally thought it was going to be. Yes, I’ll admit, that I wrongly assumed we’d have much more free time and we’d sort of run around the city – which we did run around the city, but mostly to try and get to all the scheduled places on time! I have been border-line panicky about graduating/trying to get a job/life-in-general while feeling like I don’t know enough about everything yet, when it turns out that most of the people we spoke with took their current jobs as an opportunity to learn more – not because they were already experts in that particular subject matter. Now I feel less scared-out-of-my-freaking-mind, and more able.

I wrote up long notes on each place that we visited, but they’re “anonymously” hanging out on the ATLtoNYC Live Blog so I’m not 100% I want to repeat them – although, none of them were actually “bad”!
Each place we went offered a different peek into the ‘real world’ of this ever-so-hard-to-define-and-constantly-changing-world of DESIGN. Imagine looking into a giant, beautiful mansion, and each window on the various floors of the house is a different design firm or shop or office, and by looking through each window you get to view the interior from different angles, and at different times of the day (with varying levels of caffination) so with each window you look at, the overall impression of the house morphs as you see more intricate details. There was something I sincerely liked or was interested in at each location, as well as something different or creepy or unexpected at every place. For instance, Utley’s makes GIANT fragrance bottles for print-ad shoots so that the resolution of the bottle scaled down in a photo-editing program is much higher AND they fill their more realistic bottles with glycerin and/or lube which is both awesome and disappointing; feels like you’re almost too behind the scenes of the magic that creates pretty pictures of coveted items. The things that stood out the most to me were: Crush + Lovely’s vibe, Smart’s view, Curve ID having no model making shops/tools (and no girls. DANG!), Nulux manufacturing everything in-house, EVERYTHING at Utley’s, ‘crystal netting’ at Rockwell Group, stand-up printer from ECCO (and the Sour Patch Kids in their kitchen), Material Conexion’s vast amount of things I was allowed to touch including pliable stone veneer [sounds so contradictory, right? How does STONE veneer BEND?!?], stingray leather, cement that you can shine light through, etc. etc. etc., Frog Design’s HIV test for SA, how badly I want to be someone at Core77, how to say Karim’s name correctly when Scott took us to see some fun art galleries, and how similar ‘Droog’ seems to ‘drool,’ which is what I did when I went to the store and just stood around with my mouth hanging open!

Now, focusing on this third, and final, project of the semester is proving to be difficult thus far; getting group members together with such varied, busy schedules (Greek Life, employment beyond school work, life) has been hard PLUS the research we’re trying to do is a little tough. IDSA conference is tomorrow (technically Friday, but I leave tomorrow), but I feel like I’d rather stay home if I could stay home – I’ve just been gone so much, I’m getting sick again (hooray stress colds!), and I have some important personal things I need to take care of due to a recent loss of material stuff (i.e. did you know that to replace retainers a crackhead happened to steal out of your trunk is $500? And that’s just a fraction of what’s now gone! At least my lesson has been sincerely learned.)

Having essentially all of my important belongings stolen out of my car the night/early morning after this trip also helps to put things into perspective:
1. As soon as my [still horribly dirty and ransacked] car is cleaned out, I will never leave anything of any kind of any thing in it ever again. Ever. Again.
2. I will now back up everything on my [thus far imaginary, but soon-to-be-real, I’m-sure] computer pretty much every week; I’ll probably have like “back-up Sunday” or something
3. Maybe now [when I have time and am actually in the same city that my apartment is in, and not in NY, Italy, or NOLA] I can live the simpler life that I always wish I had – meaning more organized files, and less shit!

There’s a month left until another year of school is over. Whoa.

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