on the first day in NYC!

Whoa! We’re in New York City!
Brooklyn, to be exact, using the free wireless in the Holiday Inn Express.
Crush + Lovely got us involved in some awesomely-super-secret taste-testing video-taking; they gave us a new beverage to try, that hasn’t been released yet AND seems to be the first of it’s kind, and then asked us to explain the feeling/experience it “kind of tastes like” on camera.

Smart design probably wins in the category of “BEST FREAKING OFFICE SPACE IN THE WORLD” – their view is BEAUTIFUL and they have a pretty killer prototyping/shop space. Their approach of making working prototypes so soon is dead on; I really like the fact that they sort of chop stuff up as long as it works.

Curve ID is so cool! They’re all sooo talented at sketching, and they can use Wacom tablets way better than your Mom. Their creative line, Mint Inc., did the “hug” salt and pepper shakers that our grade is so familiar with from that project from sophomore year.

We’ve all showered, and updated the internetz, and now we’re heading out for dinner.
The drive went well; we were a little behind schedule all day, but it all worked out.
Everyone seemed to sleep pretty well at night, and now we’re decently settled in to the hotel.
So far, so wonderfully good!
I’m trying to stay mobile-up-to-date via twitter and tumblr.
The live-blog’s been updated, even from the bus!


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