on Flashdance + metal + Kleenex = work

“I welded. I am Flashdance.” –  Sarah Melgen

David took us on an off-campus adventure today [after our on-campus adventure filming another AWESOME video for ATL to NYC.com] and we visited one of his friend-business-partner-buddy-guy’s studio, complete with metal working machines. I’m really proud of myself for cutting metal on both a bandsaw, cold saw, then sanding the pieces down, then welding them together, THEN grinding them!! We didn’t have time to make something in particular, but the experience of welding at all was pretty impressive. I wish I worked with metal more, and since I really enjoyed working with metal for the lamp project sophomore year, I feel like I should.
I’m busy working on my typography project right now.  Early on I had the concept of working with a typewriter, but of course, night before, I’m still stuck on – “WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS?!@@%tw^es&$g$fq##wasn&%s*&*e%m(ee(m”
Back to the drawing board with this project, then. I need to CONTINUE experimenting with what I can type on [I already found some interesting alternative -> Kleenex? Who knew!], but I’d really like to type on some sort of fabric if I could. The poem itself is LADEN with metaphors, so it drives me insane that I’m not able to find just ONE to go with.
One paper, one project, some laundry to do and then I am OFF TO ITALY.
Let’s go.

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