on typography progress

Geesh, I refuse to EVER get that far behind in studio ever again. I felt like I was literally trapped in a giant, black box of designer’s block.
I still never know if SolidWorks is on the verge of collapsing from rendering and allowing the world to implode, or if it’s simply rendering?
In other school-but-not-studio-related news, I’m really stoked about my typography module final this week. David let me borrow his typewriter, so I’ve been playing with that to type out the poem “Splash” by Charles Bukowski. I like being able to use such an honest, archaic tool to write something so well, rude, ironic and filled with metaphors about the whole poem being so much MORE than a poem. I need to translate the written words to something beyond 2D though, so I still have to work on that – but I have some good ideas involving video/sound/fire, etc. I hope, if I do enough process, that I can throw this into the end of a portfolio in a sort of “oh yeah, here’s this extra stuff I’m also awesome at” part. David suggested I do that with my lamp that was in MODA because there really isn’t enough process on that particular project to put it in my actual portfolio pages. I’m hoping to get a porfolio, or at least a work sample of sorts, done for IDSA conference April 3rd-5th (sort of important since I’m IDSA pres-elect and all, right? yeah.)


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