on Google-ing oneself, on accident

Hmm, awesome or awful that I googled “average hand span age 6-9”, and the blog post I wrote a mere few hours ago was the first hit??!

I only have the average hand span for boys and girls ages 8 and 9 thus far (from Canada, no less. Wonder how differently they grow at a different place?) , and was hoping to find the other two age groups :-/

Oh well. I’m working on laser-cutting some handle study models, and managed to make a small divot in my hand while epoxying. Behold, the wonders of making things!

One thought on “on Google-ing oneself, on accident

  1. Yvonne says:

    Julia (Willow’s sis) just turned 10 and is tall for her age… her hand measures four inches from tip of thumb to little fingertip, lying flat on the table, in a trace this for a turkey pose. From wrist to tip of middle finger is 6.5 in, and is 3 in. across the fist, from index knuckle to little finger knuckle. This could be a largest size idea for you.

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