on thinking of new things to do for kids

I went to Wal-mart and looked around at toys a lot (for an hour, because I had an hour to kill – like omfg, thanksomuch Verizon Wireless!!!!).
What I noticed about toys at Wal-Mart:
– there are not a lot of interesting, worthwhile toys in the age range I’ve chosen
– by the age of 8 or so, gender-role-type toys are basically all there is [Barbies and dolls for girls, NERF guns for boys]
– all of the kitchen/baking/food related things I found were for girls, above the age of 3, that seemed realistic – but didn’t do anything besides simulate real-life ((except for one cupcake making set, but that was for 8+))
– Play-Doh remains to be the most fun [at least to me?] toy sets for the age-range I’m thinking of targeting AND they don’t seem to define the gender of their audience through their design [color/form/function/etc.]

Combining everything thus far, I think my new direction isssss:
– a fruit and veggie peeler that is interactive [via crank, lever, whatever] AND safe -> makes apple fries, carrots for dipping in ranch, etc.
– pasta press (think of Play-Doh precedent) for whole grainsss
– ice cream maker -> some how ‘cranking up’ or interacting with it in some way that stores energy to start an electric paddle [or something]


One thought on “on thinking of new things to do for kids

  1. yvonne says:

    there is a cool ball that you put stuff into, roll it around on the floor, from person to person, and after xx minutes, it the stuff is ice cream. Kids do love that sort of thing. I know people who make butter in a jar!?

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