on concept claustrophobia

I originally decided to focus on designing kitchen appliances for children because it’s something that I’ve never tried before (and I thought it would be SO FUN!), but I’m realizing now that maybe the reason I never did anything for children is because I honestly don’t know that much about them. In high school I loved babysitting, and I still do, but that doesn’t mean that I know a ton about children. Luckily, I found an age-placement chart that tells me what grade children belong in according to their age; I never really knew that because I jumped around between grades a little bit from moving around, and I’m half a year younger than everyone in my current year.
Children change so much; the amount of development in a year or two is crazy [according to the cognitive development research I’ve done]! It’s sort of frustrating for me to try and define such a very small population of children for which to design – i.e. only ages 6-9 – because I don’t want to be responsible for sending crap out into the world that people will only purchase and use for three years before simply throwing it out (or in my family’s case, probably just keep it in our basement until said child goes to college, and still wants to keep it because of “all the memories!”). I guess I’m just feeling a little claustrophobic about the corner I’ve put myself in; but I don’t want to try and change my direction now that I’ve done so much research! David mentioned something along the lines of “Remember you’re just a student, and in real life a company would come to you and ASK for you to do something like this so don’t try and constrain yourself with sustainability, too.” In that case, I’m just going to try and re-group around my own ideas and ensure that what I end up creating is THE PERFECT three appliances for 6-9 year olds; three appliances so strong and spot on that it doesn’t matter as much that they’re not technically sustainable. Good luck to me! Haha.

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One thought on “on concept claustrophobia

  1. Yvonne says:

    At least you have small hands to model things with – many times kids can’t do it because the object is too big for them to handle well. This is not an appliance tip, but children today need more time with scissors and spreading- two simple things they seem not allowed to do at home or in school. (small kids in South Africa do both MUCH better! – -ask Debs!!)

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