on “appliances”

For tomorrow, we have to have a brand and three chosen appliances, along with a problem statement and specifics on target audiences, etc.
I’m having problems trying to figure out what “appliances” to do!
Because the assignment says “kitchen product system” as the title, and then the assignment for tomorrow says “choose three kitchen appliances” – and since an appliance is defined as something that is powered by electricity and/or gas, I don’t really know exactly what I’m confined to. For instance, a cheese grater is really helpful for making an even amount of cheese on nachos from a block of cheddah, but is that an “appliance”?

Appliances we listed in class include: coffeemakers, coffee grinders, espresso machine, food processor, blender, mixer [hand held/stand alone], toaster, toaster over, grill, juicer, fryer, steamer, cooker/crock-pot, waffle maker, crepe maker, popcorn popper, cotton candy machine, fondue fountain of chocolate (!), slushie machine (?), etc.

Brand names I looked up in order to figure out a cute one for my own: Aroma, Bunn, Chef Pepon, Cuisinart, delfino, Hamilton Beach, Kitchenaid, Presto, Rival, Sunbeam, Toastees, etc.

This project is a little daunting because we have to create a brand AND three whole products, but I’m really excited!!

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