on personal projects and architects

Jesse and I decided to work on personal projects tonight since we don’t have a new studio assignment yet, and to improve our designer skills. Tonight I learned that architect kids come out of the woodwork around midnight, because I went back up to the laser cutter on the third floor to print another trial version of a stencil I’m working on, and there were people all over hogging up the stuff for “real projects”.
We did have a really good time wheeling all the way from the 104 computer lab up to the 3rd floor, though. No wonder architects think all we do is have fun…
Anyway, Monday’s review was a real big downer for everyone – people that got to present, and especially the people that didn’t.
Instead of focusing on how crappy the situation is, I’m going to try harder – or maybe just work smarter?
Starting with this next project, I’m going to begin with more tangible, specific goals, instead of waiting for inspiration to magically fall out of the sky and make something all unicorns-and-rainbows.

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