on past and present tense

Ok, I’ll admit it: I scammed on writing a blog entry about the review on Monday, as if that wasn’t crystal clear yet. Monday was a pretty awful day; I was really sick, barely holding it together, and pretty bummed out by the “reality check” talk that our professor and the reviewer gave us. I understood that it was necessary to get the truth out there and understand what it’s really like, but sometimes it feels like no one in this program really actually bothered to give us basic tools at the beginning of our education – but we, as students, are the ones that get ‘blamed’ for not trying to figure out our own design education. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just feel like someone should teach me something before they grill me on getting it wrong and then ask me to re-do it [a la the ‘storyboard’ situation sophomore year]. We had a pretty open discussion in class this morning to get any aggravations out of the way, and it really helped to hash it out a little bit. I’m worried that some people are still a little discouraged, and I don’t want that for anyone. It’s an uphill battle, and we’re all stuck in it. No one wants to quit, but it’s hard to keep fighting for something when it seems like some of the professors and advisers don’t seem very willing to help or communicate with each other. If we have a required class that we need to take, we shouldn’t be notified about it through an email a day into the new semester – we should know over break.
Regardless, I’m on the same page as Sarah when she says that coming to Georgia Tech out of state and that doing this major was a risk, and that she’s going to make the most of it.

The truth is that I should have figured out a better form earlier on, and gotten my head on straight, and then thought about important details – like materials and manufacturing. There are no excuses; I should have thought about all the details, not just half of them. Would a better course on SolidWorks have helped me spend less time on renderings? Yes, it would have. But would that have helped me with time management or form development? No. I’ve got to work smarter, not harder. I just can’t simply quit now; I think quitting now would be more disappointing in the long run. And honestly, I think if I got out of my head more and practiced sketching, that I wouldn’t be half as bad as I think I am.

On an unrelated-but-also-interesting-note, I’m starting to work on something that’s going to be huge with Jesse. We’re going to make an impact here at Tech, and we’re going to mix things up in the best sense possible. I just don’t want to ruin it until it’s ready; no reason to let the cat out of the bag to see that the cat’s kinda gross and bald.

Finally, to refocus on the tasks at hand – this second project, portfolio review, career fair, NYC trip (!!!) , and IDSA conference are all arriving soon.
For Friday I need to have an idea of the three kitchen appliances I want to create, a brand name, and a problem statement about my opportunity. A man that was around for the very beginning of Mr. Coffee talked to us today; it was amazing and I had no idea how gangster Mr. Coffee was. In 1972, Mr. Coffee came out as a replacement for bitter percolators, and by 1976 they were producing 6.5 million coffee makers!

Also, I wish I knew InDesign better because I want to work on a portfolio and I’ve HEARD that it’s “omfg, soooo much better than Illustrator” BUT I don’t know how to use it for what it’s good for.

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2 thoughts on “on past and present tense

  1. Yvonne says:

    Well, do keep in mind that sometimes people tell you how bad you are, thinking you will find that inspiring. There! I kicked you – feel better? Want to work harder?

    Frankly, the entire episode that appears to have occured at review makes me question (again) just what is going on there. I am unimpressed. I’ll say it (again) – there are lots of schools out there… if that school turns out such sucky ID students, maybe you’d be best off to find one that does a better job.

    Since every one of you appears to be a failure, it causes me to ponder how the ID program selected 100% losers and to wonder if it is not, instead, the program itself that is crap?

  2. iamemmathea says:

    The program IS crap; that’s what we’re trying to fix as students and leave it in a better condition as we leave. You can’t always blame stuff – sometimes you need to say “man, this situation sucks but I have a lot of things at my disposal that I can use on my own time to improve my own personal situation and learn.” We have shop machines and tools that a lot of other schools don’t. Besides, David knows it’s crap – so we’re working on it as a studio section.

    Not to mention that the work we presented really was a bunch of shit – four people weren’t even done with their projects and the people that were weren’t alllll that thorough. No one thought about manufacturing their products for real – we all just made them out of a polyurethane foam that has NO resemblance to ceramic and no one bothered to research ceramics even when we were informed to. We’re juniors, we need to step it up, and that’s the truth.

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