on getting it right, almost too late

I sort of ‘sketched out’ a new dish last night. I’m thinking of  editing the saucer so that it takes up the same amount of space as the other one, but it’s more open on the inside and more delicate [more similar to the ‘blossom’ idea]. I sketched out some tweaks last night for the other pieces, too, and it’s a much more refined and concise version of the one I presented for Wednesday.
I’m working to make the curves more similar, and more obviously related through proportional ratios so that when you look at them, you know they go together.
The cup won’t have that indent at the top anymore; it will fit better with the other two pieces.
So much to do 😦


2 thoughts on “on getting it right, almost too late

  1. cabrita says:

    I like this a lot… It seems more honest, for sure.

  2. Yvonne says:

    wow! That was my first impression. By making the saucer wider/more open, the height difference in the cup and the saucer is less of a problem. I love the shapes – I would make sure though that the shape of the cup’s angle is one that does not make it slip out of your hand too easily (bottom heavy sort of when filled with liquid). This is really beautiful! It felt too chunky for a delicate lotus blossom earlier.

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