on my dinnerware inspiration

PS: My final direction is inspired by a lotus blossom + lily pad; it probably would have helped to mention this sooner, but I thought the form could read on it’s own.

3 thoughts on “on my dinnerware inspiration

  1. Yvonne says:

    Actually, a lily pad is usually much larger diameter than the lotus blossom, but what I really want to comment on is the lovely green color for part of it. Great! I also love the transparency of the glass (and that would fit the texture problem that I sometimes have when dinnerware makes the silverware scrape). BUT I would be very interested in the weight of these pieces. If it were actual dinnerware and I were to carry it from the kitchen to the garden table, could I take more than one setting at a time without lifting weights first?

  2. thisisjessemejia says:

    I’ve read all the feedback you’ve gotten so far and noticed you’re getting a lot of beef about your saucer, mostly that it’s way too big. And i remember someone also said that lily pads are usually much wider than the lotus that rest on it. Since making the dish wider is just a ridic idea, maybe you can reduce the diameter of the saucer. I don’t think you’ll have to change its height at all, just it’s width. This would make it appear like semi-closed lotus about to open. Like this maybe?

  3. Tank says:

    I like the lotus inspiration because it can lead to so many different color possibilities. My only tic is that when I imagine lilies and lotuses, I think of thin, delicate leaves and long fragile stems. The saucer looks rather thick and solid. But, again, I’m not really good at the whole design/concepts/heylookthere’sacloudletsmakeachairbasedonit…thing.

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