on how my saucer is a little “dishonest”

I’ve already noticed that the target word “honest” isn’t really working out EXACTLY the way I wanted it to. If you look at my definition page, I’m defining honest as something that is secure, good, genuine, stable, etc. – not necessarily “oh, this is so truthful and open and straightforward”. I’m interpreting ‘honesty’ through shapes and form – simple lines and clear proportions to each other from the cup to saucer to plate.
But since my definition seems to deviate from what everyone immediately thinks of when they first see the word honest, I’m going to toy around with materials for my saucer. What if the saucer was a frosted glass? Then you could see what was inside it; it would be honest AND open because it isn’t hiding anything at all, and the cup is still neatly nestled inside.

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3 thoughts on “on how my saucer is a little “dishonest”

  1. Collin says:

    I’m probably more qualified to comment on function than anything else, that being said a few thoughts:
    1) I understand not wanting to compromise your target words, but frosted glass may a bit immature, but it is certainly quirky for a dinnerware set…
    2) If someone is going to put a hot beverage in the cup and it has no handle, it would need to be made of insulated material so they can hold it (which may or may not be your gig to work that out)
    3) I like the idea of the cup hanging out inside the saucer, but if the saucer is too big to fit on the table with other dinner ware shiz, that could be a problem. Saucers are generally small so they take up less space at the table setting…
    4) I like the pastels used in the earlier models, as well as the color used in this frosted glass version. Lighter colors (esp. white) suggest fresh, open to me anyway.

  2. smelgen says:

    Heyy so I was going to say the whole thing about the saucer and honesty and all, but I think you got it. I mean I see that you had a different intention (and brought it out well) but it might be risky to assume the reviewers will see it. But I really like the idea of changing the materials, I think it brings what you wanted and more. Are you going to change the plate too? And also, I actually really like the size of your saucer. It’s different, and I’m into that.
    And to reply to your comment, I agree. The rings on mine are supposed to be the same size as the handle, I might abstract it a little more.
    Anyway, good job, and I love the lotus blossom inspiration!

  3. Tank says:

    The clear glass for the saucer is rockin. Maybe a solid color for the cup? Or earthen ware. Glass doesn’t seem like it would keep your tea hot. The Russians use glass teacups….you’re not Ruski…are you?

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