3 thoughts on “dinnerware trio

  1. lxa says:

    i wish the saucer was a smidge shorter. and the cup was a smidge bigger.

    i like the overall proportions though.
    i like how chunky the plate is. though it might be a bit heavy for a little kid – depends on the material.

    i’d buy it. it’s quirky and fun (fresh).

  2. Sam says:

    Interesting design, really. I think it reminds me of those playschool toys where you can stack the different colored donuts onto the plastic peg.

    The bulky look makes it seem rather heavy- but I’m sure it would be materials used that determine that. I agree with the previous comment by ‘lxa’ that perhaps the saucer should be reduced in size and the cup made a tad larger. It does break the norm for what we see as appropriate dimensions for dinnerware, so that might be the biggest issue- a matter of what one finds tasteful and unique rather than within the rigid norm.

  3. Katherine says:

    I agree with what everyone else has said about the size of the cup and saucer, but I also really like how it all fits together with the plate. Would there be a way to get these more into proportion without messing up how it all goes together?
    Also, I think that making the plate and saucer a slightly shorter height would make it all feel less bulky.

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