2 thoughts on “target words

  1. matt says:

    i would try and experiment with a (slightly) different font to set off “quirky”. or just tilting it less. distorting a type-face that much seems like a dangerous idea.

  2. Yvonne says:

    If honest is safe and sure, and the other two words BOTH mean some of the same thing, ie – unconventional and unusual, isn’t there sort of a fight going on in your product. I don’t think of unconventional things as being safe and sure – they may be fun, but if there is too much edge, the safe and sure goes away as people don’t like change so much. As I told you though, I don’t fully understand the word thing. One thing I did think of on the cup – if it is plastic, it can flex a lot if there is hot liquid poured into it. I did imagine, for a flash the aluminium glasses we used at my grandma’s as a child (lightweight, and also could be recycled) but the transparency would go away, and I think the heat would be an issue as well, not to mention the texture of a fork on an aluminium plate. I actually purchased glasses like the old ones for funky fun in my basement kitchen (and the different colors help the ‘children’ to know which one is theirs for the evening).

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