on how I need a new alarm clock + look at what I made!

I did one of those things that no design student should ever really do… sleep through the important part of a review 😦
If only magic and/or mind-reading were real, perhaps someone could’ve put my finished boards up for me instead of just calling to see if I was ok (and for future reference I am silly and turn my phone off when I go to bed – but this example might force me to finally change my habit).
At least it was reassuring to hear so many people concerned about my well-being, and it was nice for some pretty good designers to ask to see my work after class anyway [!]

I’m putting up a majority of the work I’ve done since the beginning of this project, beginning with my super cute arts&crafts mood board and ending with my current 3D computer models via SolidWorks. Any and all criticism is HIGHLY encouraged! Really. Please.

Jackson already mentioned the following to me:
– pick-up-ability of the plate? it looks chunky and hard to hold in your hand
– define your target words [I did; see above]
– it doesn’t seem honest, more secretive and ‘hiding’
– the size reversal of having the cup small and the saucer bigger is quirky

And I need to add context, both in terms of hands & lips and other tableware, like silverware.

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4 thoughts on “on how I need a new alarm clock + look at what I made!

  1. adamattech says:

    I like that you had done a lot of specific dimensioning. I hope that this helped, and maybe you used some of the Dreyfuss measurements against it.

    I have been having an “issue” with your sacuer, but this may be taste… But I think that the dominant element in the “tea set” is the cup, and that does not show here. I feel like the saucer is overpowering the cup.
    I dont think it’s hiding, per se. I don’t think that the proportion is quirky.

    But… I DO think that the hole in the saucer is quirky, because it’s an intriguing feature, yet the form isnt overly complex.

    I think the form of the cup is simple-ish- which is honest I suppose. There is nothing wrong with simple forms. I think the proportion is a little goofy (in a good way). I want to hold the cup (or show some context shots). Maybe use a brighter green on the inside

    bottom of plate/ saucer is cool. Good job!

  2. bryanake says:

    Couple notes on the presentation – then I’ll get to the design.
    -Scanned sketches could use some cleanup work – just running through Photoshop really quick to make sure the background is white will help a lot. Perhaps look at which sketches tell the story of how your idea was developed, instead of just putting every sketch you did while working on the project? Not to say you shouldn’t show other work, but filter it and organize it – perhaps resketch any really major development changes larger, so that we can see where ideas came from, changed, etc.

    – Your renders are ‘ok’ – they describe the form well (in which they surpass mine…), but anchoring them on a table, adding some context was something that was talked about a fair amount in our review.

    In terms of design, I’m also not completely sold on the saucer – My opinion, I think your other concept is stronger in hitting your target words. The Saucer and plate seem a bit overbuilt – They hit quirky, and in some ways hit your definition of honest – perhaps partially I’m just having trouble getting over the normal implications of the word. This may not be Kosher, but perhaps the best idea would be to change the word to a synonym that means the same thing, but might not cause people to get hung up on that?

    I’m not sure I would change the material of the saucer without changing the cup and plate too – that would definitely break up the continuity of the set. I’d have to see it to, I’m not sure if the glass would work for the cup, you might just have to tweak some things like thickness or some of the curves for it to work.

    I would work on the curves some too – I think if you’re going for ‘honest’ curves, some of them work for that, but some don’t quite say honest to me. Perhaps some sketching and modeling would help some.

    I think overall it’s promising – just needs a bit more work to completely sell it.


  3. ehscott says:

    Afters skimming through the other two comments and looking at your stuff, I have to agree with the whole “I’m not so sure the saucer is honest” comment. I thought that it was solid but after looking at the rendering I see that it’s not. Now it may not be honest in the straightforward sort of way, but it’s definitely honest in the sense of it’s cleanliness. When I saw the cut of the saucer I did get really excited about the potential for human interaction. I think it is certainly quirky.
    The cup is certainly small but I can understand why. If this is inspired by a Lotus flower the center would be smaller. I do like how the saucer has a hole for the cup. It brings them together and makes them read as a family more.
    Finally, I think there may be a bit more to be desired when it comes to the plate. I don’t know how I feel about the openness of the bottom of the plate. Maybe you should close the plate and saucer? But I think that part is intriguing…..Bah. Well there’s something to think about.

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