Welcome back! The show’s just about to begin.

Second semester starts today. Bright and early every MWF – 8am.
First project is dinnerware – a “trio” of sorts
We need to make a cup, saucer, and plate (!)

I’m thoroughly excited for this semester, but still scared. I’m always nervously excited.
I always have an overwhelming fear that everything that can be made, already has been made and other than that we’re just copy cats…
And I know that isn’t entirely true, but when it comes to some common things (perhaps like dinnerware?), it seems to be

Good thing about this project is that we have to have three words as our target to help us conceptualize and focus
I’m not 100% sure of mine yet, but I’ve been thinking a lot & I’ve been playing with the visual thesaurus.
I like fresh, quirky, and honest thus far

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