Near the End: Tacky Christmas Sweater edition

I love that my major is project-related and revolves around ‘doing things’, but I don’t love how I feel like there’s always more to do. SO it is ALMOST Christmas break – but not really because I still have things to do:
1. I’m currently sitting in DRM waiting to present my Music Listening Room project [X]
2. I have to finish my Materials Final Project by 3pm tomorrow at the LATEST [and turn it in] [ ]
3. Re-do my branding project [ ]
4. Make a portfolio [ ]

Is it acceptable to make a pop-up portfolio? That seems fun. But it would probably wear and tear over time, and a NOT-sustainable portfolio probably wouldn’t work. Perhaps I should make a statement and put it on paper that they can grow into flowers once they’ve decided to toss it? Har har.

Oh, and David, I just remembered I never told you what I want to do for the next three semesters. The honest truth, and partial cop-out, is that I don’t know. I have a lot of interests, but I don’t feel like I have enough experiences. I’ve been thinking about “what I want to do with my life” and I don’t know that yet, either. Part of me feel like it doesn’t matter 100% what I want to do now because design/freelance is so broad and even if I worked at a firm, I doubt that it would be for the rest of my life (because of the culture/economy/society/etc.). Right now I’m really interested in ‘strategy’ and ‘design thinking’ – I like Unboundary and Big Bang. I also like typography, packaging, branding, and graphic design, so I definitely want to improve my skills in that area over the next three semesters, and I’m reallllly excited about the typography model in the Spring. I’m also pretty partial to living spaces, furniture, lighting, and installations. I originally wanted to get both an ID degree, as well as an architecture degree as per Frank Lloyd Wright – which I think is still a viable option, but I’d have to take some time off between school and school or I would go crazy. I would love to be a space designer – someone that creates spaces with stories, whether it be for living spaces or exhibits or what have you. I want to make things that inspire, influence, and change people. I want to create long-term impacts on both the field of design and people as a whole. I appreciate universal design, simplicity, beauty of the materials and the form, and solutions for problems – not feature-creepin’ band-aides. I appreciate ‘green’ designs and sustainability, but I also believe that designs themselves need to be sustainable, not the materials or the fact that they can be recycled (which people probably won’t do). Sustainability is more than just recyclable materials: it’s also the ease of replacing or fixing broken parts, longevity, quality, and minimal packaging.
Also, my computer skills are pretty crappy and I might think about re-taking a computer class. Since I’m not the world’s best drawer, I just might want to be able to SolidWorks model or something…

SO for the next three semester I want to focus on making myself a more well-rounded designer, and gaining experience in the fields that I feel interested in.

And as another complete side note, I want to help the homeless problem. Homeless people seem to hang out pretty close to my apartment on North Ave, and it’s not that they bother me, it’s more that they hurt my heart strings. There’s one particular guy that I see at the corner of Piedmont and North Ave a lot that has a little pink cartoon back-pack, and I want to give him a warm meal and a hug every time I see him. I truly want to help; more than just giving him a dollar. I’ve eaten at Chow Baby before, and I don’t know what they do with the left-over stir fry that people can’t finish, but I’m suspecting they just throw it all away; why can’t they give that meal to a homeless person? I’m sure my research is lacking, but I feel like we ignore the problem instead of trying to address it. Homeless people are usually homeless because of a variety of unfortunate things like mental disorders or disabilities, substance abuse, getting laid off, divorce, and other things – and although some of these are related to ‘not wanting to help themselves out’, some of the problems that homeless people face are not their faults. I want to help.

And I want to wear a tacky Christmas sweater every day from the moment I’m done with my Materials project to real Christmas.
Sooooo close!


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