So close, but no cigar – yet

SO the sewing machine went from a peaceful kitten at 7am to some bastard love child of a pair of scissors and thread vomit at 12:55. Allison calls it a demon child sitting in the corner laughing at us – true. It was a pretty big disappointment for all of us, I think, to have gotten so much work done with not a lot of trouble all night and then for all the work we could’ve easily gotten done today after we had all taken a break and had a little rest to NOT get done at all simply because the machine just would not cooperate. Whatever. I know I know how to make this bag and I know it would be great if it would just get made.

Allison and I dropped off parts and pieces of it at her alteration’s place this afternoon to see if they could work with some non-devilish sewing machine. I keep going back and forth about trying to use the industrial ones in studio – but when is enough enough? I’m a little burnt out with all the various work I’ve been doing and all the holidays rapidly approaching.What we have done is good work, and I think that overall we’re on to something good. I think that also, since this is not our most perfect outcome, it prepares me more for constructive criticism because I’m not going into this thinking “This model is perfect because I sanded it and painted it and loved it to perfection and there can be no improvement on a perfect model.” [Not that I think that a lot, because I haven’t been blessed with lots of perfect models in the past (sophomore year) – but I think everyone can relate to that feeling of “OMG, THIS MODEL IS JUST LIKE WHAT MY HEAD THOUGHT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE AND IT LOOKS SO GREAT AND IT’S LIKE PERFECT!” and get so blindsided by your own success that you’re too into your idea that you can’t see what other options there could be.]
I’m just going to let the little Asian ladies do what they can and try not to stress. Ha ha.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.


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