poster problems

What to choose, what to choose? I’ve done some poster renditions, but I need advice.
[click thru to see]

((the backgrounds are white; click each image to enlarge))

I can’t decide because doing more than one in a row makes it look more like the posters you see out and about on buildings/subways/cities – but doing just one single splatter poster is also very POW!
Also, HUGE thanks to Jake for teaching me Illustrator tricks and helping me with this.

I think that ‘randomizing’ them looks too busy and distracts too much from the message, so I’ll be sticking to one that’s lined up. I’m currently more partial to just the cm&y version than the one including black. Hmm.

[random tidbit: I always get really nervous about putting stuff up on this blog that I’ve made because I feel like people will steal my hard work – but they’re JUST ideas, right?]

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3 thoughts on “poster problems

  1. Matt says:

    street poster style. maybe even offset it so that it gets intentionally cut off?

  2. iamemmathea says:

    Most people seem pretty partial to that one. I realize that the big one, although being awesome, would be hard to see because all the text would be at the bottom.

  3. Yvonne says:

    my boyfriend and I both like the impact of the single image the best. By far! Yvonne

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