blame it on the weather man.

This week has been slow and awful. I feel sort of discouraged about design this week because my lack of sketching skills frustrates me instead of inspires me to sketch more. I don’t know what I want to design, and I don’t know how or when I’m really going to get the opportunity to explore all the areas that I think I’m interested in. For instance, I love shoes and I would love to get into shoe design because I think there are a lot of form details about heels and color and texture transitions that haven’t been explored yet, but I know I currently can’t sketch at that level and I also feel like my personal style doesn’t translate or show “Hey, I really dig interesting shoes.” I guess I just don’t feel like my personal design aesthetics are matching up with my projects or my personal style, and it’s causing me a little bit of cognitive dissonance.
Bleggggh. I’m just happy the rain saved me money on getting my car washed.

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