Mac Mockery?

This is an example of a ‘predicted product’ for the Apple iPhone before the first generation iPhone actually arrived on the scene. Would this be an acceptable product according to the well-established Apple product brand? Yes and no. The color scheme and represented materials seem dead on with the brushed aluminum and the shiny white. The click wheel is a pretty ingenious combination of the already established iPod click-wheel technology and the old school phones with the rotary dial deal [you know, the phones where you have to put your finger in the plastic wheel part and crank the dial around to the right numbers?]. However, I doubt the sizes of the screens and the overall proportions of this phone since Apple is pretty prone to using the golden rectangle; especially the tiny tiny screen on the front of the phone. Not to mention that the way the screen on the top of the phone is inset is off a little on the bottom; usually the extra space on Apple music players is below the screen, not at the top. The curved corners look about right, but I haven’t measured to see if they’re actually accurate. I also doubt that the first iPhone would have ever been made to look like it was mimicking the Motorola Razr – not exactly like Apple to come out with something similar to other things on the market.

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